Weird, I must’ve missed the media’s coverage of the one millionth adverse reaction report submitted to VAERS (https://openvaers.com/covid-data) a few months ago. We’re already up to 1,261,147 as of May 6 and nearly 28,000 deaths—including 108 children (https://openvaers.com/covid-data/child-summaries). I’m sure it was just an innocent oversight on the media’s part.

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It’s simple Algebra. If 100,000 people die tested for SARS-COV-2, the positivity rate is 10%. Ten thousand would count as a COVID-19 death even if they didn't have the disease. I have never seen this stat, but I bet positivity rates for people over 80 years old was closer to 50% (at times, in all age group, positivity rates were approaching 30%). Old and dying patients have a shitty immune system. So it makes sense that anyone over 80 and dying would probably test positive for a coronavirus even though they don't have the disease. Coronavirus was discovered in the ’60s. Coronavirus is likely as old as life is on the universe. The human body has millions of viruses living in our bodies. Without viruses, we couldn’t survive. A positive test confirms that PCR tests can identify a virus and multiply it thousands of times. That’s all the test does. The test cannot tell you if you have the disease COVID-19.

But here is another stat no one ever talks about. Globally almost 90% of all positive PCR tests were from the population <60 years old. Yet that age group accounted for <10% of all COVID-19 deaths. Let that sink in for a moment. Now remove pre-existing conditions from the less than 60-year-old age group. If you are healthy at any age, this virus is probably good for you. It helped create healthy antibodies for future coronavirus infections—our natural way of being vaccinated.

We can't stop here. The individuals responsible for the greatest crime against humanity in my lifetime need to be punished.

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America was victimized by the biggest con in world history.

Question: Where do we go from here now that we see that the elites are not letting it go, but instead, they are using the waning pandemic as a spring board to enact broad social controls.

This aspect must now be recognized, challenged and defeated.

SCOTUS will now have its most solemn duty ever to reverse this authoritarian over-reach.

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Thank you Mark, for your clear thinking and very large heart. Also, where did flu go??

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It is not permitted to draw a distinction between with and of when it comes to COVID-involved deaths.

It is mandatory to draw a distinction between with and of when it comes to vaccine-involved deaths.


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"Eternal shame" be damned; most of the perpetrators of this con deserve jail. A few deserve the ultimate penalty.

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The average age of a death by or with "Covid-19" is higher than life expectancy. No other figure even need be known to understand the "pandemic" (business model) is a fraud and a giant Ponzi scheme.

There was no viral pandemic or epidemiological emergency in 2020- there was mass murder. They will use a similar template and roll this out again unless there are prosecutions for the crimes they committed.

They mandated the use of remdesivir in combination with dexamethasone which killed off hundreds of thousands of "Covid" (rebranded flu and bacterial pneumonia) patients. In May 2020 they added vancomycin to the toxic cocktail. A total assault to the kidneys.

All of this was (and much much more) done to create the mass hysteria event in order to hide the massive economic collapse of 2019 and hide the $13 trillion (so far) worth of bailouts AND to jump start the Pharma bio-security system as THE new economic driver of this bankrupt system.

Covid-19 is the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of this country.

99% of people falsely certified as having 'died from covid' actually died from their preexisting conditions being exacerbated by mass medical malpractice and 'public health' despotism, the other 1% simply died of old age.

The fact that there is no such thing as a "Covid death" is another minor problem here as SARSCoV2 itself is a computer generated fiction. Translation: No one has 'died from covid' as "covid" is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, flu and many other disease conditions.

In the US the "Covid death" number is cooked/manipulated due to how the CDC does their accounting as well as many other factors- an audit of the CDC mortality numbers themselves is required.

1) The first thing that must be addressed is "who were these people?" The average age of a "Covid death" was 80 in the US and 82 globally w/4 comorbidities. The majority of these people were from nursing homes, assisted living, hospice etc. Where did the vast majority of initial "Covid deaths" occur? Here in the US (and everywhere in the West- Milan, Madrid, London, Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, etc.) most, if not all, who died from "Covid" already had one foot in the grave and their death was put on fast forward through policies not some mythical virus.

What we had here in the US was a radical and mandatory shift in policies relating to hospitals, care homes and the overall social order. These new "policies" were mandated through various new and aberrant state "guidelines" which resulted in a concentrated death rate for a six week period in March/April in ONLY 8 states. Take that out of the equation and there is no death rate to talk about. Put (or keep) these policies in place and we will have this happen every year.

There is no doubt that protocol was designed to increase the death rate and continue to drive the fear. In the UK there was heavy use of Midazolam with morphine to ensure the numbers justified the panic. The elderly were targeted because the pensions had been pilfered long before and personal estates were being acquired to finance the care of these people. It seems clear that therapeutics were vilified in order the obtain emergency use of the serums which of course was the plan from the get go.

There was also gross negligence (beyond the usual) in numerous nursing homes that led to abandonment and medication alterations that turned these slow motion abattoirs into death houses. One of the remarkable things of note is that here in the US the "pandemic" was not widespread (which is supposed to be one of the defining features of a pandemic) but was in fact limited to very specific locations;

2) The faulty diagnosis of what is a "Covid death" did they die "with" or "from" Covid which is problematic for several reasons. In many cases an actual test was never done only a "presumed to be Covid" assessment was put forth. Add to this that when the tests were done PCR tests done with faulty specs (gene sequencing, cycle thresholds, annealing problems, faulty primers and so forth) were used. PCR can't diagnose anything in the first place and compounded with these problems they are useless and misleading;

3) Very few autopsies. Why were there so few autopsies done in the US? Why did they pass new mandates that halted autopsies for "Covid deaths?" This went against decades long protocol. They also changed decades old protocol on how death certificates should be filed;

4) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and faulty PCR testing. So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a "Covid test" no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a "Covid death." This happened frequently throughout the year;

5) Home deaths is yet another way that figures were cooked. This was admitted point blank by Stephanie Buehle (NY Dept. of Health spokesperson) among others who stated that home deaths with no testing at all would be presumed "Covid deaths." This "guideline" was mandated through the NY Health Dept;

6) "Covid death counts were forged- CDC instructed officials to certify any death as "caused by" COVID if the decedent tested positive prior to passing or was suspected of having "C19", even if it wasn't the actual cause of death. Thus we have major misattribution. E.g., we have over 14,000 injury deaths listed in the "C19 death" total.

We're also seeing unexplained declines in other common death categories because so many have been attributed to "C19." The unprecedented broad definition of "C19" death has created huge fraud in "Covid death" counts;

7) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and faulty PCR testing. This caused a huge spike in iatrogenic deaths caused by misattribution of "Covid" to incoming patients and the ensuing improper treatments applied e.g. ventilators and associated fentanyl dosages which killed thousands.

So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a "Covid test" no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a "Covid death." This happened frequently through the year.

The practice of PCR-testing hospital admissions who are asymptomatic for Covid using high Ct values undoubtedly caused deaths and unnecessary suffering.

This matters for several reasons. A pneumonia patient e.g. has a very good chance of surviving with correct support. However, if the patient tests ‘+’ for the non-existent pathogen an entirely different medical protocol goes into action and with this and there is little chance of survival.

The 'diagnosis' of "Covid" effectively permits dangerous protocols to be enacted that then increase the chance of mortality.

With regard to adoption of a new RT-PCR protocol for hospital admissions this also falsely manufactured death statistics for "Covid." Add to this how it was incentivized-$$$$$ while hospitals are under extreme financial duress. The US hospital system had it's worst financial quarter on record in the middle of a "pandemic." Administrators were under pressure to alleviate that financial pain and exploit all openings in the CARES Act.

None of this was accidental.

8) Lockdown impacts- too numerous to cite here.

In short whatever "excess deaths" which may have occurred anywhere can be attributed to people who didn't have to die but were KILLED due to the unnecessary use of ventilators, harsh toxic drugs, people dying prematurely do to lack of medical treatment, ill effects from the lockdowns and so on.

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The only reliable data is all-cause mortality compared with the running average of the previous decade, and adjusted for an ageing and increasing population. Then it doesn’t matter whether deaths have been correctly attributed to CoVid or not.

The best example is Sweden, because its all-cause mortality isn’t skewed by deaths from effects of lockdowns and other measures.

It shows no increase above average. So no more people died in Sweden because of CoVid than would have died anyway. The follow-on to that is that no lives were saved because of the so-called vaccines - none to ‘save’. (This point is important, because the propaganda that the ‘vaccines’ save lives of the elderly and vulnerable, cannot be true, those lives will be lost anyway within a year or less from other causes if not CoVid.)

Even in other Countries above average is minimal and may be accounted for in deaths caused by Government measures, particularly denial of medical diagnosis & treatment to ‘free-up’ medical resources to deal with the never-arriving CoVid hospitalisation Tsunami, or people too afraid to seek urgent medical attention for life-threatening conditions: stroke, heart attack, for example.

We can also see death displacement, above average for 2020, below average for 2021, or first quarter of 2022.

In terms of global excess deaths, it is probable that the number is no higher than for influenza.

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Mark, whenever I read your dispaches, I get this calm feeling, like I can see for miles around me.

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Seems to have gone exactly as planned. Wait until you see what these killers have up their sleeves for you with their 'Climate Change' lockdowns.

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CT did the same. Lamont followed Cuomo almost to a tee. Always referring to what him and also MA Governor Baker were doing. That state also did the same as NY. I know as my daughter is a nurse in a Nursing Home in CT. For some reason only NY and NJ were highly criticized for doing this. Insanity and Lies. They reallly believe us all to be IDIOTS! Nor do ' THEY' care. CT has lots of money( ours) still sitting unused!!

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Covid succeeded in a large part because we live in an innumerate society. Most people are unable to understand that 1 million (ostensible!) deaths out of 331 million is insignificant. All of those zeros put their minds to sleep. Percents are a foreign concept. This also explains why your average person is not alarmed by double digit inflation. “It’s just a dollar more. Don’t worry about it!”

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Last night I stopped by the bookstore to pick up a book and there was an event going on. All the attendees were masked. Then I drove across town to a medical freedom group meeting and no one was masked. We are living in two Americas.

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Yeah - know more people that had bad Vax reactions than died from Covid. And we are not even really trying to find out who is vulnerable to Covid - biochemically I mean. We are just jabbing' kids right and left. My prediction is that we will see alot of myocarditis and cardiac damage from this.

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Flu was renamed “Covid.” 🤔

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Remember when the lockdowns and other bs started and people said that "this will crash the economy, you can't do this!"? Remember the response?

"The economy will come ROARING BACK by fall." (Circa Spring 2020)

So shut up and do it because we got this. I go could on and on, about children in school, about babies and toddlers, and every single fucken time, those evil bastards just dismissed every single perfectly valid claim with some stupid shit.

Every concern stated was justified even far beyond what we thought originally. Every dismissive response from all media and most politicians has been drastically and now becoming tragically wrong.

This is a conflagration. Set alight by our political leaders and the bureaucracies that do their dirty work outside of any accountability. We are still under unbelievable and life-threatening attack. When does this end?

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