The media has conned people badly. So much damage has been done.

I write to let people who see the truth/bigger picture know they're not alone.

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Sep 23, 2021Liked by Mark Oshinskie

Thank you for writing. I have recently invited my hospital Covid Response team and local state politicians to a friendly, academic debate/discussion over proposed policies and the data to support them. The hospital has ignored my invitation. I am seeking support from this community. With gratitude.

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Another good one, Mark. I’ll share a brief experience from my current situation (facing jab or no job at the moment) - I sent 9 questions to my corporate HR rep the day they announced the mandate. The one I was most curious about was “how many cases have we had internally in the last two months and of those cases, how many were breakthrough?” I was told, “we’re not going to share that information.” If it helped them make the case vaxxes are necessary, you better believe they’re sharing it.

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Oct 6, 2021Liked by Mark Oshinskie

Mark, I just discovered your page and it's a welcome addition to my regular rotation of Covid-19 analysis and insights. Thank you for doing this.

Just one request, if I may. It's about your statement, in this post, that "Further, each positive test counted as an additional case; if the same person tested positive three times in a week, three cases were tallied." This is dynamite information and the Covidian Cultist members of my family will want to know where that came from. What can I give them as the source for this (over)counting policy?

Thanks very much, and keep up the great work.

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where are the 25 questions Mark? If that was meant to be a link, it doesn't work for me on Opera

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Fantastic work Mark. Well done.

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where is the list of 25 questions? that was september. any answers yet?

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This is wonderful, thanks, a welcome addition to my databanks. I collect all such worthy URLs and put them up on covidhonesty.com and this will join them. This and about maybe another 50 - 100 I already have collected since I last updated it.

Just one thing: this point about the vaxxed infecting the unvaxxed.

It is because the vaxxed carry a higher viral load. Right. Now that's the 'infected' vaxxed of course?

Nobody is saying the 'uninfected' vaxxed shed virus or infect others.

But 'infected' vaxxed can carry a higher viral load because their immune system is primed and they're capable of handling it before needing hospitalisation. Right?

Just getting the facts right.

The 'fact checkers' are spreading misinformation by claiming it is false to say the vaxxed spread the virus and loudly claim the vaxxed CANNOT and DO NOT spread the virus.

Concealing the truth they well know which is that when the claim is made we are of course talking about 'infected' vaxxed.

And vaxxed DO get infected. Of course.

That all correct?

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well said for sure. thank you. Day of the rope should become a month to be proud of.

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At the very least, be honest about your own background. You spent the entirety of your career working for the state of new jersey. A scouring of the internet reveals that the vast majority of your work was contained to the administrative law "courts." It appears your salary matched that of a public school teacher. You're a hack.

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